Senin, 28 Juli 2008

Drajat Sunan, also known as Raden Qosim or Syarifuddin, the second son of Sunan Ampel, and the younger brother of Sunan Bonang. He received religious instruction from his father in Surabaya, and then moved to the region Paciran, located in the village Jelag. After roughly two years, has a fairly large following in 1502 AD and built the mosque, the official inauguration was attended by other members of Wali Songo. Man in Jelag, later known as "Drajat, was in favour of Sunan and their descendants, as a sign of respect for the Sultan of Demak.

Sunan Drajat is best known for its social and charitable activities that have occurred in the area Paciran almost forty years. They say that they have Gending Pangkur, special preferences for traditional Javanese Gamelan orchestra, which the local population. Some fragments of these old instruments have been preserved and is now exhibited in the small museum next to the tomb Sunan.

The terraced tomb complex of Sunan Drajat, located in the village of Drajat, on the coast between Gresik and Tuban. Intricately carved wooden panels decorate the entrance to the tomb chamber.

Details of plate.

Sunan Drajat; a pilgrim prays before the tomb